This year, at A Design Film Festival 2016, I watched a film that celebrated the importance of silence. The film starts off by following Greg Hindy, a Yale grad who took a vow of silence and walked across America. He says at the start of his journey that the question on many people's minds is, Why?

This is a film with a remarkably powerful message, one that I have been seeking my whole life (albeit inactively) and that is — the quietude is essential to all humans, our spirit beings crave for the peace and tranquillity that was once so natural to our human race. Inasmuch as it is almost impossible to escape from the noise that pollutes our lives, we must try anyhow. To me, silence is imperative to the way we live because it brings us back to who we are truly meant to be. As John Cage, famous for his ground-breaking composition 4'33", so rightly put it, "There is poetry as soon as we realise that we possess nothing."

At the end of the film, Greg Hindy answered the question by writing in his notebook: ...silence is not something that should be explained, but explored.