être zine

N° 03 — Corner
Published & Designed by qu'est-ce que c'est design

the word ‘être’ is a french verb which means “to be”. as a irregular verb, it would conjugate differently when used in different contexts and voices. the publication was created with the intention to provide a sacred headspace for its readers—to cut out all distractions from the daily bustle and simply focus on being in the moment. this was how we arrived at titling the series ‘être’. each issue focused on a singular theme of something that we often overlook. deriving the themes for each issue from the classical elements, issue n°. 1 was on rain (water), issue n°. 2 corner (earth), issue n°. 3 breath (air) and ended off with light (fire) for issue n°. 4. in traditional thought, the classical elements were considered to be the fundamental matter that existed in all things, visible and invisible. the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the classical elements pervaded the hearts and mind of even the common people. however, just like the overlooked things that each issue took on, these have slowly eroded away with time and changing priorities. risograph was deliberately chosen to embrace the imperfections that were inherent in this method of printing. this reflected our collective understanding of life—that though never perfect and never going according to plan, it is still something beautiful and worth appreciating to the fullest. each issue featured submissions from studio members — both permanent and transitory — and invited submissions, permitting the zine to present the many stories, interpretations and expressions that could emanate from one theme.